Month: June 2014

  • Toughness vs. Durability in Mass Flow Meters

    How tough is an Alicat mass flow meter when you drop it? How durable? Are these terms the same? These are the questions we asked ourselves when we filmed what was intended to be a 12-foot drop-test video last week. Here’s what actually happened: This video shows a portable Alicat mass flow meter being dropped […]

  • Alicat Releases Precision Dispensing Package for Flow Controllers

    New feature delivers precision control for dosing, dispensing and batch processing applications Tucson, Arizona (June 9, 2014) – Alicat Scientific, Inc., releases its new Precision Dispensing Package as an option for its liquid and gas mass flow controllers. The package’s integrated flow totalizer and batch dispenser bring the company’s precision flow control to common dosing, […]

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