Month: May 2017

  • 7v Firmware Update Makes Interface More Intuitive for Alicat Flow and Pressure Instruments

    We’ve just made it easier to use your Alicat mass flow meters and pressure controllers from their front panels. This post has all the details on our 7v firmware update, which features a more intuitive user interface. If you’ve been with Alicat for very long, you’ve seen us add new menu selections to our flow […]

  • The RS-232 Communication Protocol and your Alicat instrument

    The 55-year-old RS-232 protocol is the default method of talking to Alicat devices. Aside from RS-232, you could configure your instrument with RS-485, Profibus, ModBus RTU, DeviceNet, and Ethernet IP protocols. For the bulk of our customers however, the tried and true RS-232C communication standard will remain the go-to method for commanding and reading Alicat […]

  • Customer Experience: Ethernet/IP

    Most customers don’t call us for our razor-sharp wit, or our slightly eccentric social skills. Instead, we know with certainty that whenever a customer comes to us, they have a problem that needs to be solved. While Ethernet/IP™ is not required for every process, some customers insisted on it. We recently added Ethernet/IP to the […]

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